Very interesting reading. When you think you have found it, shoot a few more test targets to be sure. At 10 yards it makes no difference. S ome shooters prefer 4 or 1 buckshot over 00 buck. Maximum cavity width was approximately 6 inches. The hull holds the primer, powder, wad, and shot pellets.
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Get the Most from Your Shotgun

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Not understanding this has already cost too many people their lives. Per the article the 4 Buck was intended for use inside at distances no greater than 7yrds and ideally at about 3yrds. Don't have all the options available and have to make relative choices as to what performs better, not best. It's something deer hunters have observed for decades. Remington load clocked at fps A 4 pellet is. The appropriate value for minimum penetration depth has generally been assumed to be 12 inches ever since the first FBI wound ballistics meeting in It's just that, like other readers here, I must note that close-range defense against a homicidal attacker presents the same problem s for both citizen defensive shooters and LE personnel.
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How to select the best ammo for a defensive shotgun

The Federal Tactical, Winchester, and Remington 1 had the cushioning filler as well as the buffered shot cups. Louis city PD was the last large agency that I know of that used 4 buckshot, and they got rid of it several years ago, switching to an 8-pellet buck Remington low-recoil load. For those of you who are concerned about a tight shot pattern, this shotshell will probably give you the best patterning results in number 1 buck. Nevertheless, here are a number of the following articles used in that formation: That might leave hunting accidents? You can always let him come a little closer. If you're simply trying to sniffily be "obtuse" because I believe that the best "science" is direct observation, independent of theory, then all I can say is a you're hooked on "junk" science, and b you're happily entitled to your own opinion.
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I think that gelatin shows us, and shows us very well, what not to use! Scott- If it was beyond the distances one encounter in a dwelling, and didn't account for hardened buckshot than that fits with your observations and the data. I have seen many a modern police shotgun with a 20" barrel shoot much larger patterns at the same distances with modern smokeless powder and OO buckshot. If you have overpenetration concerns, you may want to closely examine whether a shotgun is the best weapon to choose. Has Law Officer you will use what your dept issues and load your weapon the way they want it loaded. The only place that I see people getting all wrapped around the axle about gel-test minutia is on gun-related internet forums, usually at the behest of a resident ballistic science hobbyist who hasn't been in a fistfight since the 4th grade.
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